Friday, October 1, 2010

Day 10: Last Full Day

The day dawned fair as ever - what amazing weather Tintin brought with him. So we did plenty of outdoor activity as well as indoor reviewing of everything he has learned.

I arranged a special review session with an assistant, Karolin, in which she gave the cues Tintin has been learning and/or practicing. This is one aspect of generalizing new behavior - dogs learn in context, and the person giving the cues is part of that context. So in preparing Tintin to go back home, I find it useful to practice new skills in different locations, and have him run through everything with someone other than me giving the cues.

This is Karolin and her dog, Lilly, a mini Australian Shepherd. I forgot to take pictures of Karolin working with  Tintin, I was too busy admiring him as he performed like a trooper!   

Karolin and her dog, Lilly

Tintin and Lilly played with each other before and after the training session! This was a good opportunity for Tintin to play with another hard and fast player. He did great, and had fun. But Lilly was no competition for Jazz. She was definitely Tintin's favorite.

Yikes, Lilly, you're even faster than me!
Trash talking - so much fun
Taking a breather. 
It's a good thing we are stopping off at Marie's Paw Spa before the Country Dog becomes City Dog again.

The rest of the day consisted of more practice sessions, some crate time, and meeting a chubby Cairn Terrier that looked like a hedgehog. Tintin was very polite to him as he made it clear he wasn't going to be rushed. To top it off we took a fun walk to the river and Tintin and Ranger zoomed around, played with sticks in the river and generally had a roaring good time.
Kong Dreams
Finally, after a full day, Tintin had his dinner in a Kong to help him settle down, and then went out like a light - with his Kong as a pillow. Sweet dreams Tintin, you'll be home with your Mamas this time tomorrow!

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Noma said...

Looks like Tintin met up with a good match.
Maybe more challenging than he expected.
Glad to see him enjoying training mixed with a tremendous
amount of fun.
Thanks so much
Noma and Gail