Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 5: Stay Day

Training today focused on relaxation, impulse control/frustration tolerance.  We started off with focused Stay training with various distances, durations and distractions. This is hard for Tintin, he is young and energetic and staying put isn't on his Favorites List. But he did well -- he managed a Down Stay for up to 20 seconds, and with me going out of sight behind a closed door.

We had two magnificent hikes, which helped Tintin successfully manage a 10 minute stay in his crate after the first hike, with no barking at all, and about 30 minutes after the second hike, with only intermittent barking, and not as frantic as at first. He really resists being confined behind a barrier, so this is an uphill journey at this point, best taken in small steps. Not great for photo ops either and my camera ran out of battery but here are a few from our first hike.

Hiking through old growth forest

Ready Steady Jump!
Aaagh ... not sure I can make it. (He did)

The trail leads down to the river

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