Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 3: Green Ridge Hike

After a good morning's work on the day's main lessons, Tintin had his best afternoon yet - hiking on Green Ridge with Ranger, a new friend - Sy, a 5 year old Smooth Coated Collie - and their humans. While the people hunted for mushrooms and took photos, the dogs enjoyed the forest trail as only dogs can - all noses and flying paws.

Three friends starting out on the trail.

Hmm, what's this?

May I have a go after you, Tintin?  Ummmm ... No!

Intrepid explorer

Flying recall
Tintin's recalls on the trail were stellar! He came zooming back whether he was called as he was running away or towards us. On one occasion he did a turn-on-a-dime recall that amazed me. Good job, Tintin!
Bugging Ranger is WAY fun!

Knee capping is fun too. Now where are some knees?
By the end of the hike, Tintin had had so much fun and got so excited he was dive bombing both the older dogs and mercilessly bugging Ranger, jumping and biting at his face and generally making a pest of himself. So it was time to settle and focus, by playing Choose to Heel. this is an off-leash exercise where the dog is rewarded each time he chooses to check in with me. Tintin impressed everyone (especially Ranger) with his ability to be called away mid-jump, and settle into walking by my side, off leash and completely focused. After a few minutes, the exercise had served its purpose, and Tintin went back to running free, but with no guerilla tactics, all the way back to the car. 
Tintin, let's go!

What a super dog!

The big dogs get the last laugh -- guess who's going to have to be hosed down!

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