Friday, October 8, 2010

Day 2: TRaining Day

Tintin worked hard today. It was raining so we trained a lot indoors, but we also practiced  recall outside, hiked and played games.

Tintin is doing great with house training- no accidents at all. He is also beginning to shine at recall -- the main difference being the speed and enthusiasm with which he comes when he is called, even from out of sight up a trail or across the meadow. We play a  lot of games as rewards for coming -- especially games that mimic terrier-style predation. Kibble Frog Flick is his favorite -- he comes running and I flick a piece of kibble off my thumb nail into the grass, imitating the action of a frog or mouse. He loves to sniff and pounce! Today Tintin even made up his own recall game -- dashing madly across the meadow to bug Ranger by jumping at his head, then zooming back to me when I called, for more games and treats. He did this about 10 times before he got tired of it and we moved on to something else.

Tintin's big prize for a day's hard work was self-initiated- a yoghurt container left by the bear when it dragged a bag of garbage into the bushes. It was ripped and had claw holes in it. No point going head to head on that one -- Tintin wasn't giving it up for anything at first. Eventually he traded for cheese, but in the meanwhile, it was the object of some serious experimentation.
Look what I found!

A muzzle?

What else can I do with this thing?
Tear it?

Or maybe wear it, Elizabethan style

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