Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day 6: At The Beach

After all Tintin's hard work it was time for a big reward -- the beach!!

To Tintin's great glee, there were a bunch of crows  hanging out on the sand when we arrived.

He had a fantastic time chasing, running, sniffing and playing, and we even sneaked in some recall training while he wasn't looking.

What's next?
The most spectacular training moment was when he ran after a crowd of seagulls a long way up the beach (the beach was empty of other people and dogs, and we had tested his recall at closer distances, so I felt this was safe). He left the seagulls and came zooming back to me.

Yep, that dot in the distance is Tintin, stalking a seagull!

I came back! Pretty cool, aren't I!

For that, Tintin got a big reward -- no measly little single treat for this one. He got a small handful of treats, one after the other, lots of praise and excitement, followed by a rousing game of Seaweed Tug and Chase.

Tintin Saying Please (Throw the Seaweed).

Even on the beach, we play tug by the rules - Say Please (Sit or Down before he gets the tug toy), Drop it when asked, and Sit or Down to relax in between tugs if things get a bit wild.  Tintin offered this Down before I even asked him for it. What a dog!

Playing Fetch the Seaweed

Seaweed chew toy

One last game
Eventually it was time to leave. So I leashed Tintin up and we played one more game with a stick, so the leash didn't get associated with the end of all the fun.

Back home, Tintin was ready for a big nap. He settled in his crate and fell fast asleep - giving me time to blog our town and beach adventures.

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noma hanlon said...

It looks like it was quite a lovely day at the beach for all.
We love the photo straight on of Tintin, it appears as if his tail is some strange antenna.....

What a wonderful collection of photographs and stories we have for his puppy book.
We send our hugs!

Noma and Gail