Sunday, October 3, 2010

Day 6: Hanging Out in Town

Another beautiful day! So after some practice sessions working on out-of-sight Stay at home, Tintin was ready for the real thing in town.

What's in store for me today?
First we practiced outside the Yachats Visitors Center. Tintin waited quietly while I popped in and out of the Center. He managed 20 seconds without whining or barking.

Session 1: Stay outside Yachats Visitor Center
Then we did some loose leash walking, and Tintin met some guys working on the storefront of Judith's Kitchen Tools. Judith was sitting in the sun, and met Tintin as well. She kindly agreed to help us with the next exercise (which is part of the Canine Good Citizen Test) - being left with a friendly stranger for up to 3 minutes. Tintin did well at this - I was able to walk away about 100 ft, go round a corner, and return before he got restless.
Session 2: Stay with a friendly stranger
Finally, after another break, we went back to the first place we practiced, and tried again. This time Tintin aced it! I was able to leave him for 2-3 minutes while I browsed the pamphlet racks and used the restroom. not a squeak or a bark!! Good boy, Tintin! This was achieved by working up to it very slowly,with me leaving and returning repeatedly, giving a treat each time I came back, and extending the time away bit by bit.

Patient visitor.

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