Friday, October 1, 2010

Day 8: Hitting the Jackpot, Terrier Style

After Tintin's morning lessons, we went for a short hike down along the creek to the Yachats River.

Later on, Tintin had a thrilling time, discovering his destiny. My neighbor Ed came over, and as he got out of his truck, he was telling me about a wood rat that lived in his truck. As if on cue, the rat jumped out of the truck and ran for its life. Both dogs leapt after it - the poor creature didn't have a chance. Tintin pounced and caught it, but didn't quite know what to do next. After some squealing and scuffling. Ranger took over. He's an efficient rodent dispatcher, and that was the end of the rat. Then Tintin stole it from Ranger and carried it around for some time until I could persuade him to trade it for a treat (all our Drop and Trade practice came in handy!) I picked up the sadly mangled rat and gave it to Ed, who tossed it on the barn roof, so the dogs couldn't eat it or roll in it. There are plenty of owls and other birds around here, someone will enjoy a tasty rat snack, and it won't have died for nothing .

I was born for this.
Now what do I do with it? It doesn't taste very good.
Ed and ex-rat.

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